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Giancarlo Aquilanti
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Maestro Aquilanti’s music has been performed the world over. While grounded in traditional technique and harmonies, this music includes modern and sophisticated interpretations of tonalities, but always in a pleasant and listenable, approachable way. Giancarlo’s profound respect for both listener and player is apparent in every piece. The four major types of compositions which Maestro Aquilanti has composed to date are:

Chamber Music – Arrangements here are generally for traditional groups, such as string quartet, woodwind quintet, piano trio, or solo instrument and piano.

Choral Music – Both secular and religious in nature, this music is for choir with or without instrumental accompaniment. The lyrical melodies are reminiscent of ‘Bel Canto’ and harken to the Italian background of the composer.

Opera – Maestro Aquilanti operas follow the tradition of the Italian operas, though none of his operas are in Italian.

Orchestral Music – Maestro Aquilanti’s orchestral music is scalable to large and small orchestras alike – skill levels vary by score.

Symphonic Band / Wind Ensemble Music – Playable by any groups, but especially suitable for college and high school groups as well.